Society of British and International Designers

Uber Interiors are delighted to now be officially associates with the Society of British and International Designers (Also known as SBID).

SBID supports its members by promoting and protecting the standing of interior design in Britain.  They also create, protect and promote various industry standards.

You can view the SBID at


Jim Evans quotes:

We wanted to become part of a recognised body that represented the very best of our interior design industry. The Society of British Interior Design (as it was known until recently) represents a select set of designers that have to prove that they are of a qualified standard, high consistency of working standards ‘promoting professionalism’ and with an end result of protecting the public.

With their government representations and strong ties into the European Council despite their relatively recent establishment they have a firm drive for business values in a realistic way.

Ultimately we were looking for a body that helps us give an official seal of approval to the public for assurance. It allows us to make a stronger links / network to key supporting B2B companies too. They progress education for members through the Continued Professional Development) (CPD’s) and regular members meetings.