New Gloster Outdoor Furniture Collections

Known for offering unrivalled quality within the outdoor furniture industry, Gloster have created new sleek – yet still incredibly durable- range of products for 2015.

The brands minimalist design is still present in the new range, with teak and stainless steel elements becoming even more refined. A new colour palette, which has welcomed subtle and more vibrant tones, as well as incorporating new and exciting designs to create a new inspiring outdoor furniture range.


Sway Teak


Gloster Sway Dining Chair

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Stainless Steel, Buffed Teak and Sling/Dining.

Products in the range have been adapted for extra comfort and effortless mobility. For those moments where you would like to take your time dining outside or there is nothing more to do then just sit back and relax: comfort is normally high on your priorities. The new Sway Teak offers a flexible sling seat construction, which creates the perfect lounging solution.


Gloster Cradle Day Bed

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Aluminium, Buffed Teak and Outdoor Lounge/Lounging.

For those who want a private sanctuary, whilst still indulging in the wonders of the outside world. The cradle incorporates a natural backrest and lengthy cushioned seating/lounging section, which is roomy enough for two people.


Gloster Maze Dining Armchair

Design by Povl Eskildsen
Buffed Teak, Strap and Rope / Dining & Seating

The easily recognisable interwoven straps give the collection its name: Maze. The furniture breaks the conventional woven technique, by using soft to the touch durable straps over teak framing, that creates a distinctive design with increased comfort.


Gloster Curve Chair

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Aluminium & Buffed Teak / Dining.

The welcoming Curve chair is made with materials that are both durable and weatherproof, yet offer an inviting quality and comfortable structure. The soft curve in the backrest of the seat, defines the products ability to aid a relaxing rest.


Gloster Split Table

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Aluminium and Buffed Teak / Dining.

The organic looking table top – which has been cut unevenly – captures  visual interest and  adds character to the Split table. Tapered legs structures form the illusion of lightweight interaction between the floor and the table, with the subtle connection,  creating an emphasis on the quality of the finish.


Gloster Bells Side Table

The fluid and voluptuous lines of the bell seat, is inspired by the formation of two bells joined together to make the shape of the table. This eye catching and quirky piece is a great addition to an outdoor space.


Gloster Asta Dining Chair

Design by Edi and Paolo Ciani
Stainless Steel and Sling / Dining, Seating and Lounging.

The gentle curve of the backrest held within the arms of the aluminium frame, looks welcoming whilst still maintaining a striking appearance. The powder coated surface of the frame, adds delicate texture and contrast to Astra chair, which was inspired by the use of mix materials and shapes.


Gloster Whirl Dining Table

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Stainless Steel and Buffed Teak / Dining

No end or beginning and now there are no limitations. The Whirl table is perfect for creating a space where everyone can talk, dine and relax together freely.


Gloster Bepal Lounge Chair

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Woven and Stainless Steel / Seating.

The two seamlessly woven together joints are effortlessly connected, to create a relaxing seating experience whilst in the curve of the Bepal lounge chair.


Gloster Bay Lounge Chair

Design by Henrik Pedersen
Aluminium, Teak and Outdoor Lounge / Modular Seating

Conjuring inspiration from a relaxed state of mind, The creation of the bay chair involved the exploration of the emotional attachment/feeling of sitting by the bay. A true emphasis of this feel was embedded into the chair, forming the reclined position.

The new products will be available in many variations, with the introduction of new materials and fabrics setting the scene, for summer 2015.

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