Get the Look: S House by Tanju Ozelgin

Turkish interior designer Tanju Özelgin has created this wonderful, white themed house near to Istanbul and it stands as a modernist example to it’s urban neighbours. We show you how to get the look.

In the north of the Bosphorus above Istanbul sits a lush forrest district of Bykov. Emre Arolat Architects built a development of modern-styled private residences in 2006 within this hilled area. One such gated community within is the Çubuklu Valley project and has become an important part of the urban growth of Istanbul. It is a shining example of the progressive design for suburban houses and gardens and in contrast with the conservative and traditional approaches all too prevalent.

From an interiors perspective each of the dwellings within the development was left to their respective owner’s to interpret in their own way. In 2011 the current owners of the S House brought in renowned product and interior designer Tanju Özelgin with a brief to harmoniously combine the natural setting in a direct and simple way that also reflects the clients cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Özelgin is known for his direct approach to space, with a hard-to-achieve execution that appears simple. The architects original concept was to create spaces that interacted with nature, something Özelgin has nurtured using natural materials of wood and stone extending the outdoors metaphor internally.

With the middle floor given entirely to a full length kitchen expanse and the ground floor for day living and spa facilities including sauna and steam room, the S House spans approximately 400m2 and is situated on a slope with the entrance at the top, third floor.

The bedrooms are also on the entrance top floor and separated from this space via sliding doors. One of the houses key features is the cubicle dressing room in the centre of one of the bedrooms. It is defined by a light tulle certain and allow a good amount of natural light to penetrate the space.

The theme of using materials that allow light to permeate is continued into the bathing areas with opaque materials allowing some advantage of natural sunlight to enhance.

Continuing the wood floor theme from the bedrooms and living room out into the garden with oak, complements the stone materials used inside and out and lends a flow.

The S House has a serene overall calmness with a palette of whites wafting soft materials balanced harmoniously with natural stones and woods and an abundance of natural light subtly enhanced by unobtrusive technology and lighting.

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