Collection: Large Round Glass Tables

At UBER Interiors, part of our service is guiding you in product selection, so you get just the right piece to suit your space. We are asked on a regular basis to suggest options for large round glass dining tables so here are a few of our favourites.

Most glass dining tables are around the 120cm diameter mark and it can be tricky searching through our 8000+ products to find the larger versions. However, many are available at different sizes so simply ask if it’s not shown in the size you want and we’ll quickly find out.

Antonello Italia - Scott table

A good starting point is Antonello Italia. Their modern, quality pieces are also at a great price point. The clear glass versions are created using 'Extralight' tempered 12mm glass. This Scott large round table for instance - with a 160 cm diameter - is available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes including painted glass and wooden legs. Simple and contemporary.



Andrew Martin - Larkin Dining Table

And now one of our most popular tables by Andrew Martin, the Larkin. They like to keep things simple with one size (170cm diameter) and finish, but my, when design looks this good why alter it?




As does the Raj 4 Dining Table - again available in a wide choice of sizes/styles and with this chromed stainless base. Please contact us for other options.

The Asia Table

At a whopping 200cm diameter, the Asia table is one of the biggest! Looking dazzling in bright chrome, but also available in a satin finish.


Porada's iconic infinity table is available in 140 (shown here), 150 and 160cms diameter. The mesmerising centre legs are a swirl of canaletta walnut wood in an 'infinite' shape. Also available in ash

Porada Gheo Table

A relatively new addition to the Porada range, the Gheo is a beautiful sculpture of a table. The top can be central, or offset for a new quirky statement look. available in sizes up to 190cm

Vaso table

We finish with another striking delight from Gallotti & Radice. The beautifully designed 150cm diameter Vaso table has eight bevelled and tempered glass panels. The metal is constructed of satin stainless steel. The glass top is also available in a hand-bevelled version.



For pricing or more information on any of the large glass dining tables featured, or to get more advice on finding the right dining table for you, please contact us via email or call 01565 621620.


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