New Table Collection

With the end of the 2014 quickly approaching, it is time to look at how the interior design industry is set to influence the homes of the public. Who is better to do so, than the United Kingdoms leading interior brand, Andrew Martin.

Andrew Martin has put together a new range of wooden, cement, glass and metal tables sure to hit the homes of many in the near future.  The fairly masculine and rustic qualities of the tables are combined with a newer subtle feminine thin legs, hints of lighter bronze/golden shades and aged mirror surface textures to add delicate variations. We first spotted these at our Paris trip to Maison Objet.


Shown above are the new evelyn side tables working harmoniously with the Andrew Martin Genevieve coffee table.


Organic-looking wooden tables with symmetrical designs and simple shapes creating effortless and timeless pieces.

Bertrand Log Side Table – glass top and wooden log.
Percival Side Table – cement board top and driftwood finish.
Stanley Side Table  –  faux shagreen top.
Vita Side Table – antique crackle finish.


Interlocking side tables have been designed for easy to store functionality, with the range also showcasing unique shapes and forms.

John Side Table – wooden top, cement board and metal.
Jude Side Table – faux shagreen and vintage wood.
Luke Side Table  –  cement board finish with metal frame.
Agatha Side Tables – antiqued glass finish.



The introduction of brass and gold tones with rich textures and luxurious materials.

Mable Side Table – faux shagreen top.
Mathew Side Tablewood and metal.
Evelyn Side Table – glass top.
Henry Side Table – wood and cement board finish.



Dynamic and easy personalisation of a room becomes easy. The Alphabet side tables by Andrew Martin provide endless possibilities.




Wooden Alphabet Side Tables – A to Z in wood and metal
Height – 45cm (18 inches).
Depth  –  50cm (20 inches).
Width – unique to each letter.



Bertrand Log Coffee Table – glass top
Percival Coffee Table – cement board top.
Sebastian Coffee Table  –  glass top and wood.
Daphne Coffee Table – cement board top with faux cowrie shells


Organic and simply designed elongated coffee Maynard, Oliver, Stanley and Vita Coffee tables, completed with high quality woods in a range of finishes.

Maynard Coffee Table  – cement board and metal
Oliver Coffee Table – wood and metal
Stanley Coffee Table  –  faux shagreen top
Vita Coffee Table – antique crackle finishes


Art Deco inspired Andrew Martin Coffee tables create a statement, perfect for tying an interior together.

Thomas Coffee Table – wood and cement board.
Victor Coffee Table  –  antiqued glass top.
Alfred Coffee Table – faux shagreen finish



The Andrew Martin Coffee Tables as shown above, included simpler lines with subtle detailing to add elegance and sophistication.

Arthur Coffee Table – faux shagreen top.
Genevieve Coffee Table  –  glass and faux shagreen.
Mabel Coffee Table – faux shagreen top


Simple forms and shapes conjure striking characteristics and aesthetic.

Clement Dining Table – cement board and wood
Albert Dining Table  –  cement board and wood.
Robert Dining Table – wooden top with metal legs


Uniquely styled table legs, showcase the well-known brilliance of Andrew Martin’s era and culture influences .

Alexander Dining Table – wood with glass top.
Frederick Dining Table  – wooden top with iron legs




Andrew Martin’s 2015 range of desks and console tables

Mabel Desk – faux shagreen top.
Daphne Console Table   –  cement board top with faux cowrie shells.
Margot Console Table  – wood and metal top.
Orson Desk – wood with metal legs.


Andrew Martin’s new 2015 ranges of console tables

Elizabeth Console Table –  cement board top.
Lucian Console Table – cement board top.
Vita Console Table – antique crackle finish.
Agatha Console Table – antiqued glass finish.


All of the Andrew Martin International current ranges are available at the best prices through UBER Interiors. We’d love to help you find the perfect item. Give us a call or drop us an email.