Justin van Breda has a large range of off the shelf products with the option of bespoke alterations, setting the brand apart from other design companies.

Refined transitional

Justin Van Breda fuses both modern and classical elements to create furniture that can be described as transitional. This is reflected by incorporating swirling shapes with a range of textures, depths of reflections and glitter to create stunning pieces of furniture and a rich refined look.

sophisticated and elegant

Paired with hints of silver, Breda furniture can transform a room into a sleek environment with stylish design. JVB layers foundations to create furniture and interiors that uniquely combine a sense of sophistication, with a twist on classic design and effortless elegance.

relaxed design

Aiming to use light, shape, objects, colour, history and texture to inspire his furniture, Justin Van Breda’s collections are full of luxuriously beautiful pieces, with inspiration from across the globe. Changing interiors into a space where relaxation and good design is obvious, whilst still respecting the surrounding characteristics they have been placed in.