Il Pezzo Mancante Lighting

Inspired by Arabic calligraphy, the Il Pezzo 3 Lighting collection is hauntingly romantic and sophisticated. With frames forged from brass, the elegant shape forms candle-like structures made from hand blown crystal.  The glass candles are slightly hollow, which allows for light to be reflected through more strongly at the top, reminiscent of a true candle flame.

Handmade and beautifully chosen

IPM joins the relationship between art and craft together to form beautiful compositions that are produced from these combined creative imaginations. Ideas are then translated into handmade lighting solutions or solid wood furniture pieces. The wood for the furniture is carefully chosen, then oiled to showcase the beauty of the texture and grain. Geometric lines and rounded shapes add a harmonious quality that balances the creative freedom of each of the pieces.

Materials and Design

The unique, handcrafted Il Pezzo Mancante pieces are made to be works of art that create a defining presence in your interior. The fusing of raw materials with modern design – thought out by the founders of the company Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci – has made the brand a global success.