With the breathtaking chandeliers like the Atlantis, Stream and a raft of new instant classics like the Volver and Mizu, Italian master lighting company Terzani are wowing the interior design world the world over. Their detail is so exceptional. The chain designs, for instance, has been likened to qualities shared by the jewelry professions. And they spare no cost in using thousands of meteres in some of the most breathtaking contemporary chandeliers available. Terzani began as a creative design and production laboratory for lighting, with roots in noble craft traditions of wrought iron, carved wood and Murano glass. In Paris 1985, Sergio Terzani met Jean François Crochet, who had experience as a creative Parisian designer. Thus their philosophy was born: "lamps and objects as lighting sculptures rather than accessories or cold technical supports. Animated, vital protagonists of living areas with a completely original and identifiable character". Contact us for best pricing on Terzani’s luxury Italian lighting ranges. www.terzani.it

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Lighting as Art

Blurring the lines of art and luxury lighting, Terzani merges traditional processes with modern technology and design to create sophisticated pendant lights, stunning chandeliers and beautiful floor, table and wall lamps that are not just seen as accessories but as beautiful and often sculptural lighting entities of their own.

Terzani Lab

Since the founding of Terzani in 1972, the company have created an environment of experimentation for processes and methods, which produce lighting designs that are distinctive and beautiful. With the introduction of the Terzani Lab, the company were able to take exploration of their designs to a new level. Both Sergio Terzani (CEO) and Nicolas Terzani as well as the Terzani team continue to innovate the preconceptions of how luxury lighting can be made.

Brilliant craftmanship

No longer accessories to interiors and other furniture pieces. No longer an after thought to homes, hotels and luxury residents. Terzani lighting has pulled together contemporary design with distinctive and animated characteristics whilst maintaining brilliant craftmanship to lead the luxury lighting and interior industries.