UBER Interiors are one of a few UK authorised agents for Teckell luxury gaming tables. Never merely a games company, to Teckell, "luxury is a game to play". In forming this iconic company, Teckell gave new life to the game Foosball, introducing it as it as an elegant design piece in our formal living spaces. Thanks to the masterful research of its designers, Teckell's Foosball tables become capable of lighting up the entire room. The purity of the lines, coupled with their luxurious elegance and grace make their Foosball tables a highly coveted possession. Their harmonious and refined style achieves a perfect balance, a revolutionary adaptation of the traditional foosball table. The idea to transform a game table typically found at the corner bar into luxury lifestyle icon was challenging and ambitious. With the philosophy “Design without limits and always accept the challenge: everything can be designed in a different and better way.” the Adriano brothers conceived Teckell. teckell.com

Products The Style

Unique and elegant

Teckell transforms products usually found hidden in the corner of a bar into beautifully designed, luxury necessities. The typical foosball and pool table has been turned into an unique and elegant object which now oozes class, fitting perfectly within contemporary interiors and trends. Classic game tables have taken an innovative turn to the world of Italian art, with triumphant results.

Art and Technology

Emotion, passion and luxury game play is celebrated with the creation of the Calcio Balilla Collection. The extraordinary crystal clear transparency of this Foosball collection creates a striking and wonderfully unconventional approach to the usual every-day playful object. The blend of art and technology is a completely unique and perfectly highlighted by the quality materials used throughout.

Lo Scuro Pool table

The subtle wooden structure of the table frames, designed to hold fluid lines, curved edges showcase distinctive high quality. Behind the crisp lines of the Teckell collection lives precision engineering and vital technology used to mould the enchanting nature of each product. New to their collections is the absolutely beautiful Lo Scuro Pool table with matching accessories such as pool cue stands.