Stableford's are an established British lighting brand who produce all their statement lighting ranges in Yorkshire, England. Each piece is made to order and crafted from the finest materials, with luxurious finishes including polished leaf, tiger bamboo and white limed ash. The combination of innovative design and uncompromising quality results in an exquisite range of table, ceiling and floor lamps. UBER Interiors are proud to be a trusted main UK retailer for Stableford's lighting.

Products The Style
Arctic Table Lamp
Halo Floor Lamp
Halo Table Lamp
Honeycomb Table Lamp
Luca Table Lamp
Montgolfier Floor Lamp
Montgolfier Table Lamp
Versailles Table Lamp

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Over 10 years of genuine British design and craftsmanship lavished on a range of exquisitely presented lamps.

Every one of the hand-made products are testament to the expertise this masterly team bestow on their releases. The hours of dedication are evident in the brush marks of the antiqued brass finish and aged verdigris. It is easy to see that this level of attention to detail is what sets this company apart.

The Stableford’s trade mark look is the ‘ice’ effect which has the appearance of shattering the centre column. Each perspex cylinder is produced by hand making it totally unique. The method can be fine tuned to a certain degree from a subtle bubble-like effect to the more dramatic ice-shatter which catches more of the inner column centre light.