Based at the company’s north London studio, Quintessa creates entirely unique, quality artworks for Interior Designers all over the world. The highly skilled in-house team of artisans and craftsman have worked on artwork for projects such as super yachts, boutique hotels and residential interiors. With over twenty-five years’ experience, Quintessa operates on a global level producing hand-painted, abstract compositions inspired by nature, decay, geology and distinct colour palettes.

Quintessa art content can be commissioned and customised to suit your individual design schemes.


Products The Style
Quintessa Art
Arbour Hand-Painted Art
Quintessa Art
Barkbats Handmade Art
Quintessa Art
Bazon Hand-painted art
Quintessa Art
Candy Floss Handmade Art
Quintessa Art
Cramen Hand-Painted Art
Quintessa Art
Dura Hand-painted art
Quintessa Art
Grammo Hand-Painted Art
Quintessa Art
Hurmal Hand-painted art
Quintessa Art
Leta Hand-painted art
Quintessa Art
Lypso Hand-painted art
Quintessa Art
Paleck Hand-Painted Art
Quintessa Art
Sabac Hand-Painted Art
Quintessa Art
Tollo Hand-Painted Art
Quintessa Art
Yasly Hand-painted art

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