Many light solutions but a single company: based in the Treviso area, Light4 offers "made in Italy" lighting which is innovative, elegant and functional. With an average age of just over 30 years old, the team has already gained longstanding experience in the lighting sector. Light4’s products are designed and made with the message light is knowledge, illumination is meaning. The Muranoluce, Vintage and Façon de Venise collections express different stylistic choices providing character and appeal to the design of the luminaires that LIGHT4 creates. New products offered by each different brand are always functional, reliable and original. With each shape and each technical solution, LIGHT4 always reveals its creativity. The starting point is light, yet there are no limits to its destination: focusing straight on the future, avoiding reality for a fleeting second, or more simply, enhancing your interior with simple functional elements without rejecting exemplary classic shapes.

Products The Style
Accademia MI Mirror
Agata 8L Lumi Chandelier
Aqua SO 15l Up/Down Pendant Light
Ares Bulbs L H120 Ceiling Light
Ares Bulbs Q H60 Ceiling Light
Limelight 12.4 Chandelier
Limelight 28.6 Chandelier
Musa TR Floor Lamp
Silhouette 3L+6L+3L Chandelier
Silhouette 6L+12L+6L Chandelier

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With deep routed experience in the lighting and design sector, Light4 guarantees the quality of each product. Using materials and manufacturing processes kept strictly in Italy, the soul and passion of a country known for impeccable furniture is embedded in every product.

unrestricted and unique

Their eclectic range of lights are created with vintage influences, daring to adjust to the demands of the new age by adding unique modern twists in a diverse range of colours and materials. Communicating luxury and glamour, the classic shapes of the range are mixed with striking forms creating trends that are timeless and highly creative. Light4 lamps offer an essence of experimentation that respects the elegance of classicism. The brand personalises each object to exude a beautiful aesthetic and evoke a character, theme or mood that is unrestricted and ultimately unique.

Provoking emotion

Creative freedom is a key element for the evolution of furnishings made to adapt to every interior, whilst still holding a striking aesthetic and characteristics of their own. Provoking emotions with distinct lines, warming lights and quality materials.