UBER Interiors are one of a selected few UK suppliers for Fiam Italia's luxury Italian furniture. Passion, design and research together with the culture of glass are the founding values of Fiam now and in the future. "Glass is a magical and ever lasting material, as if it possessed an innate sacredness. I was young when I first accepted the challenge that this material represented and I set the basis for a project that initially seemed so unlikely possible: making glass become a furnishings star. Charm and poetry are still what glass conveys to me. The magic of a timeless material. Poetry is the vanity of a material capable of mirroring all that surrounds it and to multiply our perceptions of reality." - Vittoro Livi, Fiam

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Vittorio Livi

The combination of innovative industrial processes and traditional craftsmanship is key for the development of Fiam’s glass designs. Vittorio Livi (the founder of Fiam) became fascinated with the simple-looking transparency of glass and the potential that glass had, other than to be used for the production of drinks-ware and accessories. It was from that moment that creative mind of Livi began to conjure dreams of creating beautiful, original glass furniture.

Unique and beautiful

Glass has become a rising star in the furniture and design industry, with brands such as Fiam being a global icon in glass culture. Master craftsmen are key to every aspect of creating each individual element of Fiam’s luxury furniture. Glass-working professionals control the curves and shapes of the products, working beautifully with the furnace operator. This makes each item, such as the beautiful Caadre mirror designed by Philippe Starck, unique.

technology and creativity

The ability to take risks and invent new ways of working is integral to Fiam’s vision. The company invested time in creating the correct technology in order to create designs such as the Atlas Tables, driving their creativity. The brand are willing to create forward thinking processes in order to obtain their vision and challenge themselves to produce the visions of their designers.