Brand Van Egmond

UBER Interiors are a main UK retailer for Brand Van Egmond. For a very competitive quote or further information, please call +44 (0)333 222 5550 to talk to our friendly staff, or email us. Their very first lighting design, the ‘Chandelier’, became an instant hit in 1989 and propelled them on the world stage. Brand Van Egmond's designs now travel from their headquarters in The Netherlands to international destinations: from New York to Moscow. Their handcrafted objects are appreciated by a clientele ranging from Royals to Rappers. Brand Van Egmond was founded in 1989 by two independent artists, William Brand and Annet van Egmond, with the sole intention of creating art without constraints and today they still lead their studio.

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Experimentation and passion

Brand Van Egmond’s beautiful luxury lighting pieces are produced without creative constraint. Experimentation creates fluid and intriguing forms within their lighting designs has resulted in beautiful chandeliers that dance and charm in your interior. William Brand and Annet van Egmond embed their passion for forming objects and experimental design into the core of each product.

Sparkle and Splendor

A sense of freedom is present with every lighting concept, with designs working in harmony with the natural flow of the materials. Yearly launches of new collections showcase an array of materials and techniques, which shape the handcrafted pieces into exquisite chandeliers, pendant and wall lights. The dramatic light sources created have organic qualities, which sparkle and add fresh splendor into their surroundings.

Contemporary elegance

Embracing both past times and present pleasures, Brand van Egmond often breathes new life into long standing designs to capture a new found elegance and contemporary decor.  Unique lines and elongated strokes inspired by the uncontrollable force of nature can be found highlighted in the Hollywood Collection. The diverse lighting structures capture slender shapes to produce a unique luxurious beauty.


Like pure droplets from a waterfall, the Victoria Collection captures a timeless elegance and effortless seductiveness that holds your attention. The cascading drops of crystals disperse warm light, adding rich definition and creating glamour.