Adele C

UBER Interiors are one of a few authorised UK suppliers for Adele-C furniture. Recently formed, Adele-C intends to bring to market products that express ideas away from fads. The young company is staffed with designers rich in emotional intelligence.

Adele Cassina has a distinguished pedigree in the world of design. His father, Cesare Cassina, was an extraordinary leader of a group of enlightened entrepreneurs who gave rise to the miracle of Italian design furniture. A story that began in the workshops of the Second World War and that now continues at the Salone del Mobile in Milan which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Using passion and expertise gained over time, Adele Cassina has transferred the value of experimentation and creativity of his family to the new Adele-C collections which are divided into two different segments. Design Collection includes pieces designed by professional designers who are working on creating pieces (sofas, chairs, bookcases, furniture) for daily living. Sign Collection brings together the work of contemporary artists called upon to develop the expressive potential of materials and objects to offer limited edition pieces.

Products The Style

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“I want to offer the market products that express ideas that have little to do with fashion; they must be bearers of discreet identities so that they can be loved forever…” – Adele Cassina

Playful Innovation

Adele C incorporates sleek lines with plush materials and finishes such as goose-feathered cushions. As well as creating furniture with perfect functionality – the innovative brand enables for personalisation opportunities such as printed imagery seating with a range of material colours and textures to choose from. Classic design with contemporary and modern elements are showcased beautifully by Adele C’s furniture pieces. A perfect example of humorous and experimental proportion design is the 14/28 cupboard and 56 Cabinet and Day bed. These pieces have a playful and abstract aesthetic whilst still being useful and functional. The legs are made from shrunken, steel Thonet chairs!

Simple Elegance

The simplicity of Adele C’s designs creates an elegant allure. Producing simple forms and shapes creates the illusion of floating table trays to balanced bookcases.  Tapered legs of the glass topped tables and curvaceous backed seating, give the sense of a subtle relationship between the furniture and the floor, yet still maintains a strong and striking frame crafted for additional sturdiness. Natural oakum, bamboo and walnut woods with natural oils or lacquered finishes reflect the quality of a brand that sees the importance of refining every detail of their product.