CDW news round up part 3

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 #CDW – roundup Part3

OK I know, three parts! But I’ve hardly touched on many finds… this full round up only focuses on only two of the main exhibit areas!

Clerkenwell design week 2014123


At the entrance to Detail was the was a small exhibition tent or Pavilion with some fabulous finds…

Clerkenwell design week 2014115

CTO Lighting here showing some lovely new additions. Some striking new lighting designs by Paris based architect and designer Stéphane Parmentier

montebello light from CTO Lighting by Stephane Parmentier

The Montebello wall light is made of bronze with a satin brass.


Clerkenwell design week 2014 CTO Lighting


Super simple elegance of this Array Opal table light with a satin brass base and bronze.



CTO Lighting, Grace at Clerkenwell design week 2014

The Grace satin brass wall light is an exciting addition and incredibly simple designed for CTO Lighting by Stéphane Parmentier.


Bell Pendant and Big BUlb wall lights CTO Lighting

Although not strictly brand new The Bell pendant (available here) was looking dramatic in the flesh with the Big Bulb wall lights.


One of design team’s favourites next, Fameed Khalique never fails to woo the audiences with boundary pushing textures and techniques for walls, floor and fabrics.

Clerkenwell design week 2014124

Clerkenwell design week 2014125

Clerkenwell design week 2014126

Clerkenwell design week 2014127

Clerkenwell design week 2014129


I was taken by the delicate yet sturdy appeal of these lights by the Austrian husband and wife duo of Kaia, who are exhibiting in the UK for the first time.

Clerkenwell design week 2014130


Gloster’s second instalment (their other being over in the Farmiloe) was suitably at home amongst the flowers of the garden at the Cloister Garden of the order of St John.

Clerkenwell design week 2014131


The ever popular Cloud modular sets the benchmark for design quality and endurance. Shop all the Cloud range here.

Clerkenwell design week 2014132


The wonderful Vista is a modular newcomer to the Gloster range and already causing a stir. Available in many configurations (have a look at our shop)

Clerkenwell design week 2014134

Gloster Vista

I missed out so much by trying to cram my one day trip in with May Design Series missing out on not only the ‘stumble across’ finds but the Additions and Platform sections not to mention the #CDW Presents which was aimed at interacting with the public. Next year I’m making at least a complete day of it, if not the full three!


Over here if you missed Part 2 or try Part 1 first.

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CDW round up part2

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 #CDW – roundup Part2

Continuing on our journey from the Farmiloe building of Clerkenwell’s Design Week (#CDW). We stroll up St. Johns Street passing and occasionally dipping in to see the open shop office and retail spaces encouraging us in to see their delights on the way.


Clerkenwell design week 2014111

Over at the Details exhibition at the Order of St John was a lovely collection of favourites and new rubbing shoulders and a pavilion outside (more later).   We were treated to a full new set of products first seen at Milan from our lighting friends at OCHRE.

This gorgeous single light called Celestial Pebble looks like the tip of the glass holds the the light source, but it’s a clever trick of the glass. Stunning.

Clerkenwell design week 2014136


A new addition to the Seed Cloud range with this table lamp. Also available in a vertical format. Check out all the new pieces from our shop.

Clerkenwell design week 2014138


The below lancelot wall lights are hand dyed saddle leather with hand punched holes creating fabulous shadows.


Clerkenwell design week 2014139

The OCHRE set of convex mirrors looking terrific in the setting.

Clerkenwell design week 2014140


Stable mates Munna and Ginger & Jagger (soon to be available on our site) were on hand to show a snippet of Portuguese delights

Munna and Ginger & Jagger

Clerkenwell design week 2014143

Clerkenwell design week 2014144

Clerkenwell design week 2014145

Clerkenwell design week 2014146


Clerkenwell design week 2014149

Clerkenwell design week 2014150

Clerkenwell design week 2014151

A new find for us was Marion Labbez. She is reinvigorating the art of verre églomisé  (guilded and decorated glass)  art by injecting her contemporary hand-drawn artistic twist to the delicate mirror designs.

Clerkenwell design week 2014159

Clerkenwell design week 2014161


Clerkenwell design week 2014163



Clerkenwell design week 2014165

Sample ideas for Marion’s bespoke services.


We were taken by a few ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks’ pieces from Sé of London.

Clerkenwell design week 2014166


This Beetley bar stool and the metal interiors of the boxes together with the inter-linking mirror circles of the dressing table. Yes please!

Clerkenwell design week 2014167



Clerkenwell design week 2014168



Clerkenwell design week 2014169


Beautifully executed set of three marble top tables


Clerkenwell design week 2014170

If only the sun was able to keep the rain away. Next year maybe?

Clerkenwell design week 2014171


We’ve got more in the third and final instalment please read on to Part 3 =>.
Alternatively if you’ve landed here why not read Part 1 first <=.

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 #CDW – roundup Part1

May 20-22 In just 5 years this relatively underground design gathering of the Clerkenwell district of London has gathered pace to become one of the countries key presentations of design for the home. Clerkenwell Design Week is truly on the map!

Clerkenwell design week 2014105

Clerkenwell design week 2014106

The Design Factory at the famous Farmiloe Building (with all it’s derelict charm and edgy ‘health and safety wouldn’t approve’ feel) lends perfectly to the latest clean lines of skandi furniture et al and even 3 special Jaguar F-types greeting you in various graphic adorned guises. This year Foscarini teamed up with Jaguar to create a spectacular light installation.

Clerkenwell design week 2014108

It’s probably helped by the fact that it is not held in one of the soulless aircraft hangar exhibition halls, but embraces all the charms of a neighbourhood collective upturning an incredible amount of design talent in the Clerkenwell area.

Clerkenwell design week 2014109

Over just 3 short days this widely spread ‘exhibition’ lets you stroll between the main 4 destinations: Design Factory,  Platform, Detail and Additions and stumble across a pink banner, sticker or floor sign waving you in to otherwise pass by shops and curios.


Although hard work to even cover all the four main ‘exhibition’ areas it’s a delight to wander the 60+ companies, retailers and offices involved and a real eye-opener just to see how much world leading architecture and interiors lead design focus is in one compact zone alone.

Fresh from Milan we saw the first UK sighting of the new outdoor Grid collection modular sofa’s from Gloster. I made an involuntary chuckle as I sat down as if disbelief that an outdoor chair could be so comfortable and soft. Looks as at home in the indoor environment too, yet it’s made to take one heck of a ‘worst-of-UK-weather’ knocking.

Gloster grid


On the lofty second floor I made a discovery of outdoor lighting from a fresh to the UK lighting company Studio Italia Design. Their Kelly outdoor pendant drop lights shown here finished in metal design by Andrea Tosetto with a diffused light source.

Kelly by Studio Italia Design

One of our faves, Buster + Punch were showing the new Hero Light

Buster + Punch

Suitably rock ‘n roll moody set for the products.


The Hero light showing it’s versatility as either a stunning collective drop, or in its fixed bulb locations. With a choice of 3 types of mesmerising filament bulbs.


Check out these beauties!



Who can resist a “Cut with Whiskey ” finish or a the new “smoked’ (dark grey) and “Finished in Olive oil” – quirky new colour additions to the already incredibly popular range.

Buster-and-Punch-CDW-new finished

Crying out to be flicked just for that satisfying clunk, these exquisitely made switches with the hallmark solid brass in a range of finishes.




and the coveted drinks cabinet now in a new darker walnut finish



We don’t usually concern ourselves with the office markets here but these cute ‘pebble’ stools/poufs to our fancy from LaPalma.

Clerkenwell design week 2014104


and the famous Spun chair from Magis by Thomas Heathwick

Clerkenwell design week 2014103


In the entrance/exit of the Farmiloe building in a dark corner of the glass front I spied edgy offerings from  Stellar Works who introduce their designs as “… celebrating the poetry of Japanese aesthetics, the richness of Chinese ornamentation, the playfulness of Italian Design, the refinement of French luxury, and the less-is-more ethos of Scandinavian design”


Laval Collection sofa


There’s more incredible discoveries than I can put in one post, so please read on to Part 2 =>.


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The Grid by Gloster at UBER

Spring has sprung

Here in the UK we’re seriously ready for a bit sun please. We are starting to get those tantalising teasers of odd days pushing up to near 20 degrees, and with the new crop of budding flowers it has us turning our attention to the garden furniture: will my trusty old set make it through one last season or is it time to invest in some serious weather-beating top trends of quality? Wonder if we can tempt you…


With each passing year we are ever more impressed with how the advances of the world leaders in outdoor furniture are creating not only stunning designs but are coming up with incredible fabric technologies to not only fend off the harshest of foul weather for years to come, but offer extremely comfortable and softer than ever before seating experiences. With this in mind we turn to the pinnacle of UK manufacturers, Gloster who are setting trends coupled with surpassed quality of materials and construction.

Gloster Grid set UBER

The new modular Grid collection by ultimate outdoor brand Gloster does more than make personalising outdoor space easy and creatively satisfying.  It’s a celebration of the warmth and fabulous feel of the best quality sustainable teak and other beautiful materials that have made Gloster’s name.

Part of what makes Gloster more than a step ahead of the competition is the research and development. This cutaway of a chair  with cushions shows the latest construction technology to allow water to drain quickly and efficiently so that it drys super fast and yet give maximum comfort.


grid set #1



The collection is the inspiration of Danish designer Henrik Pedersen, who conceived Grid so that its sofa can be configured in multiple ways, even directions.




grid set #7


Most importantly, it also opens up almost limitless aesthetic possibilities by enabling its soft casual upholstery, and the wooden grids and stone plates of its smart tables and platforms, to be combined  in dynamically different  ways.


grid set #11

Grid’s clean graphic lines and flexible modular elements complement its softer side beautifully to create a cosy lounge atmosphere driven by a uniquely contemporary look.

The Grid by Gloster at UBER

Shop the full Gloster range here

UBER Interiors relaunch offer

We are so excited with our site relaunch we’re giving the first 100 orders a 5% off basket total (pre-shipping where applicable). Just use the Code: UBER*N3W at Checkout.

So, the all new UBER Interiors website! It’s a proud and exciting step forward for the UBER Interiors team this year as we embrace and invest in clever new technical advances to bring you what we believe is the ultimate furniture shopping experience. Never one to rest on our laurels, after 4 years we felt it was time for a radical change, well in technology terms that’s a serious amount of time. So a complete and radical redesign from ground up has allowed us to take things in an dynamic new direction. A new year. A fresh new start.


We have totally restructured and lifted the lid on our old website (don’t worry there’s everything you had before, just better) in order to provide our customers with a much improved browsing and purchasing experience.


Having listened to the needs of our customers (and suppliers) we have produced an efficient and clear, yet up-to-date layout for all to enjoy. The new design now uses a much clearer navigation and makes use of bigger product images with a simpler layout. We have super-fast responses at every page request and now even Non UK Purchasers can collate their orders online and get a shipping quote back with ease.


We have aimed to make it easier for you to find our website in search engines (hey thats worked then!) and in turn to find your perfect product.


You have no reason to be daunted by the 6000+ hand picked products to buy on our website.  We have new broader and deeper search facilities enabling you to filter your results through Brand, Category or Collections whatever suites you with ease and speed. Or create your own wish list. Or perhaps compare the products and prices across the site quickly and efficiently.

We tried to make it easier for you to realise that help is always close at hand should you need. A simple, phone call, email, enquiry form or Live Chat away.

But we’ve kept all the good bits from the old site don’t worry… and as before, even our Public users can benefit from the trade-style 50% deposit feature on all purchases not in stock.
And we’re not stopping there, we’ve a full list of great new additions to look out for in the coming months so watch out for updates!

So with a full list of relevant new features to make your buying and browsing experience more rewarding in the months to come, the team at UBER Interiors would like to thank you very much for dropping by…. now go and explore!


AN IMPORTANT Notice to all existing registered members: we have migrated your existing accounts across to the new platform. All that remains is for you to set a new password up by entering your email and Forgot Password (staying true to our security promise, your passwords remain out of anyone’s reach therefore these could not be migrated across. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you require help please contact our friendly staff who will be glad to help).

Large Round Glass Tables

Here at UBER Interiors, part of our service is guiding you in product selection, so you get just the right piece to suit your space. We’re asked on a regular basis to suggest options for large round glass dining tables so here are a few of our favorites.

Most glass dining tables are around the 120cm diameter mark and it can be tricky searching through our 7000+ products to find the larger versions. However many are available at different sizes so simple ask if it’s not shown in the size you want and we’ll quickly find out.

A great starting point is Antonello Italia. Their modern, quality pieces are also at a great price point. The clear glass versions are created using ‘Extralight’ tempered 12mm glass.

Antonello Italia Scott Large Round Dining Table

Scott large round table – 160 cm diameter. Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes including painted glass and wooden legs. Please contact us for pricing.


Antonello Italia Resort Dining Table

Resort large round table – 150 cm diameter. Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes including wooden legs. Please contact us for pricing.



And now one of our most popular tables by Andrew Martin. They like to keep things simple with one size (170cm diameter) and finish.

andrew martin larkin table

Larkin Dining Table


Gallotti & Radice also produce high quality, stylish tables in a larger size.

Gallotti Radice Eros_1

This is the Eros at 150cm diameter featuring a glass base with chromed brass metal parts



Raj 4 Dining Table – again available in a wide choice of sizes/styles. Please contact us for other options.



At a whopping 200cm diameter, the Asia table is one of the biggest! Please contact us for other options and sizes.



Lastly from Gallotti & Radice, the beautifully designed 150cm diameter Vaso table.


Porada’s Infinity Dining Table with canaletta walnut base is an instant design classic. Largest is the 160 cm diameter.


Remember, if you’re struggling to find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call on 0845 0773280 or email us, and we’ll do the leg work for you.

Article by Naomi, UBER interiors®
Dec 2013

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Our showroom
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And So To bed Decorex

Decorex review – a tour with Kit Kemp, Part 2

Part2: A journey through Decorex with Kit Kemp – by Jim Evans

[A shortened version published in Bridge for Design, Winter 2013]



We continue from the first article with the briefest list of discoveries:

Reclaimed, restored and resurrected! Tiles no less, from Bert & May add a detailed twist as the main attraction to a design.

Bert & May

Hand embellished wall coverings

Decorex2013-Kit-Kemp-tour-HR-27 deGournay Decorex2013-Kit-Kemp-tour-HR-26 deGournay

Exquisite hand painted wallpapers from De Gournay as featured in the shooting gallery hall of Kit’s own Haymarket Hotel here displaying a delicate garden setting with hues of gold leaf flicking the birds out to grab your attention.

Briefly mentioned but worth a long linger at the OCHRE stand.  Decorex2013-Kit-Kemp-tour-HR-53 OCHREtriple-seed Decorex2013-Kit-Kemp-tour-HR-51 OChre OCHRE

On to Teasel England’s stand Kit smoothes a hand over the softest wools and dares us to not fall in love with the touch alone.

Teasel England

Kit enthuses that these retro seed packet designs on Ian Sanderson are set to become a trend setting style.

Kit Kemp on Ian Sanderson's stand Decorex

A bright magenta silk shade from Julian Chichester captured our attention like a beacon and brought our eye down to the vibrant ethnic-styled fabric armchair, which Kit caressed.

Julian Chichester magenta pineapple lamp


Kit Kemp Decorex

Decorex review – a tour with Kit Kemp Part1

A journey through Decorex with Kit Kemp – by Jim Evans

[Short versions of the article first published in Bridge for Design, Winter 2013]

Kit Kemp's entrance stand Decorex 2013

In an east meets west theme of ‘The Silk Route’, the honour of designing the entrance to the interior designer’s must-see UK show, Decorex International, was handed this year to Kit Kemp.


Picking up the mantel after Nicky Haslam [more from him in Part 2] and Dame Vivienne Westwood last year, we were given a masterly class of up-scaling for the luxury sector with all the bold trademarks expected by the renowned Firmdale Hotel founder and designer Kit Kemp.


She has an eclectic style that when dissected has many believing they can take on the elements of vintage finds and art installations, injected with tactile and vibrant new fabrics and wallpaper and bring it all together with aplomb. But the trick, dare I say genius, is that she obtains an overall high-end luxury result every time. Not so much shabby as always chic.

Kit Kemp entrance stand talking to journalists at Decorex

Now in its 36th year this interiors and luxury design exhibition was relocated to the royal garden of Kensington Palace. This year allowing an expansion of over 300 exhibitors including two new tents.

It’s the UK’s essential calendar event for any budding designer looking for the very the best in international craftsmanship and quality with many established names rubbing shoulders with new and up and coming names, making for an exciting medley. I couldn’t help be affected by many eager faces of visitors trying to contain their intoxicating excitement.   This year we take a trip around some of the highlights as pointed out by the boutique hotel designer Kit Kemp.

Harlequin-B 090 Harlequin London

Harlequin London Harlequin London sign Decorex

[Harlequin London]

The show is becoming such a treasure trove of proudly presented home inspiration that even when you think you’ve covered it all thoroughly I found that through the eyes of someone else another layer was peeled back to unearth beauties one could have missed.

Lapicida were showing what wonders are possible with their incredible technology which can turn a CAD-style 3D drawing on to a sculpture from either one solid block of marble (they had a beautiful 60’s sports car on display), or even more interestingly applied to flooring designs like this pillowed wall covering.

Pillowed effect marble by Lapicida marble table edging by Lapicida

Moans of contended ‘oohs’ from our crowd as they caressed the wall “it’s so soft looking I didn’t think it could be marble” exclaimed what we all were thinking.


Keen to read on through our journey to Part2?

Porta Romana – Photon Collection

Porta Romana the exquisite British lighting and furniture brand proclaimed as “destined for the world’s most beautiful interiors”, have recently launched a new collection – Photon, full of quirky, space-inspired designs.

Constantly in motion; in collision and flow. A mass of energy looping and tracing its path around the universe. Photon, the quantum of light. Science makes patterns of these apparently random movements. Waves, particles, curves and spheres. Elements combined to create the Photon collection of lighting and furniture.


Porta Romana Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik Chandelier: The first man-made object ever to leave the earth’s atmosphere was the Russian Sputnik in 1957. It orbited the earth and operated as the world’s first satellite. The Sputnik Chandelier in the form of a Graphic doodle is full of movement and energy. Finished with seven irregular sized and shaped bronze and brass lampshades, the Sputnik has the Gareth Devonald Smith hallmark – whimsicality and originality.

Spin Floor Lamp

Spin Floor Lamp: The Spin Floor Lamp is a whirling dervish column floor lamp with a highly sculptural character. Made in cast composite and reminiscent of spinning Planetary Rings, it is textured with a crumbling and subtly broken surface and finished in Plaster White or Bronzed.

Porta Romana Rhomboid Console Table

The Rhomboid Console Table was designed for Porta Romana by Gareth Devonald Smith. It is a dramatic sculptural piece constructed from forged steel and decorated in Verdigris, Gold and Copper finishes. The top is a classic Black Lacquer.

Porta Romana Gabo Chandelier

Gabo Chandelier: A Gyroscopic ceiling light made from four interdependent and free-moving Perspex drops, cut, chamfered and shaped to create a dynamic centrepiece. Softly lit from a tubular opaque cylinder, the irregular facets of the Perspex, all cut and polished by hand, reflect and dazzle the light. Finished with nickel components.

Porta Romana Riviera Mirror

The Riviera is a classic, timeless Porta Romana piece and looks magnificent hung as a pair. Available in two sizes.

Porta Romana Bianca Hanging Light

The pared down form of the Bianca Chandelier, made simply from two interlocking shapes, is all about the detail of its subtly formed profile, it’s gently textured surface and the contrast of the gold and bronze finishes, or plaster white as shown. The sculptural form houses a halogen light source that accentuates all of these features.

Porta Romana Luca Chandelier

An impressive and spectacular construction of hundreds of individually hand textured, patinated and carefully assembled Brass platelets, the Luca Chandelier is an international space station of luxury. Divided into hundreds of segments, light sparkles off different planes creating a golden glow with wonderful shadows. Each Luca Chandelier will be hand made to order.

Porta Romana Metropolis Lamp

A Monolithic and brutalist table lamp, finished in either Bronzed or Antique White. It has an architectural character reminiscent of a city landscape and a tremendous weight, size and presence. Metropolis is cast in composite material from an original modelled by the artist and designer Gareth Devonald Smith.

Porta Romana Paisley Lamp

Combining the crisp and sharp qualities of cut Perspex with the more familiar and decorative motif of paisley patterns. Bringing new techniques to an established and modern material softens the harsher character of Perspex. Layered on a clear base and allowed to twirl freely, something so pretty should be allowed to dance.


Porta Romana Elephant Table Lamp

Elephant Table Lamp: There has to be at least one Animal inspired piece in every collection. With no connection to Photon, the Elephant lamp is an unapologetic tribute to the traditions, culture and character of the Indian way of life. This little fellow is based on an Udaipur stone original and is hand painted.


Porta Romana Salvatore Oval Coffee Table

Salvatore Oval Coffee Table: Originally designed for Pierre Yves Rochon’s Beau Rivage Hotel in Lausanne, this very special piece has a more substantial frame enabling the use of clear as well as coloured glass for the top. Beautifully proportioned and made to a very high standard.


Porta Romana Leaf Wall Light

Leaf Wall Light: Possibly the most spectacular wall light that Porta Romana have ever designed, the Leaf wall light measures nearly 140cm tall and is impossible to ignore! It is a signature piece hand made with individually cut and shaped metal leaves that produce wonderful shadows and patterns when lit from G9 Halogen lamps.


Porta Romana Refraction Table Lamp

Refraction Table Lamp: A mystic sphere of solid glass crowned by a collar of finely spun texture and set on a base of the same material. Catching the light and transposing it into something other worldly, the small scale of the Refraction lamp only makes it more powerful. This is a virtuoso piece by Porta Romana’s talented glass blowers. The spun accessories are available in Silver or Gold.

PhotonPorta Romana at 15.02.14

To see the full new range, download the brochure here.
Please email us for further information and pricing, or call 0845 0773280.


Article by Naomi,
October 2013
©UBER Interiors®. All rights reserved.

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