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Portfolio Collection

Established over 18 years ago, The Portfolio Collection represent Jessica Zoob and Bella Pieroni amongst many others and are specialist bespoke framers for their collection of exclusive limited edition prints and antique reproductions.The Portfolio Collection have been sole publishers of Bella Pieroni's work for over 15 years. The highly successful collaboration between owner Carol Simmonds and Bella Pieroni has brought Bella's work to a huge international audience. Bella's art is currently being studied at Leeds University, England and prints of her work are only available once Bella's originals have been sold. Portfolio Collection display at the best interiors exhibitions around the world. In addition to other artists represented, Jessica Zoob's uplifting contemporary work is also highly sought after and has now been transformed to

Passion and Drive

In 1995, Carol Simmonds had an innovative idea for sourcing a collection of art pieces that could inspire and compliment interior design spaces and projects. The Porfolio Collection is now a catalogue of contemporary paintings and drawings supplied by talented and reputable artists. The company’s formidable success is driven by genuine talent and a passion for producing experimental and creative design.

Bella Pieroni

Artists such as Bella Pieroni have worked with The Portfolio Collection, often creating dynamic pieces that explore the human form. Through fast linear drawings with added painted details and unfinished clean spaces, Pieroni creates pieces that emphasise the essence of movement that allow the view to almost finish for themselves.

Jessica Zoob

The Portfolio Collection brings the energetic works of a creative and talented oil and acrylic painter. Unique spontaneity is a  quality that never lacks when it comes to Jessica Zoob’s collection of paintings. Inspiration for such unique painting comes from the celebration of sky. Blurring strokes, thick layers and powerful palettes of colours add rich depth and texture. The ability to translate her raw emotions so diversely to form unconstrained landscapes and blurred scenes of natural occurrence, performs as a wonderful focal point for any interior.