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Nitin Goyal

With a well-travelled eye and love of colours nodding to a cultural past, the young and renowned Nitin Goyal has rapidly developed a signature look desirable by many leading designers. His company has emerged from the hip East of London and his brand is favoured by celebrities the world over: Tom Cruise, Robbie Williams, Emma Thompson to name a few of his fans. Nitin’s care for quality in stitching and materials allows experimentation of modern prints and fine embroidery to complement the pleating and intricate smocking of exquisite fabrics that so many celebrated Interior Designers rely on as the trusted finishing touches to a well executed scheme. From geometric and symetrical patterns with on-point dashes of colour combinations, to sumptuous and indulgent silk pleats to add a touch of glamour, the ranges are reflective of Nitin’s love of travel and art. An indulgent uplift in style for a very reasonable outlay.

For over ten years now the amazing materials and patterns Nitin Goyal develops pushes them to the forefront of textiles trends. Loved by top Interior Designers, adored by the famous… a touch of luxury accessible to all.

UBER loves the metallic properties of the silk-like fabrics on these pleated cushions. Simplistic indulgence with a tactile symmetry to the pattern.

Either a geometric pattern with a nod to past decade design inspirations or a simple colour splash the quality of the finish and materials will impress.

The range is crammed with on-trend colour combinations and differing materials to cater for everyone’s tastes.

Mix and match from the ranges of colours and textures with simple metallics or softer tones to create an ambiance the leading Interior Designers rely on with this superior brand.