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Masiero lighting celebrates all the beauty and wealth of qualities from this world renowned region of lighting expertise. Founded in 1981 in Treviso, Italy by Paolo Masiero and Marilena Pellizzato, Masiero Group is a leader in the sector of high-level decorative lighting. It has three major collections: Eclettica, Classica and Ottocento, which are featured in the most prestigious showrooms internationally.www.masierogroup.comThe brand Masiero is presented by UK agent Inspired by Design. Founded in 2001, Inspired by Design have become one of UK’s specialist suppliers of exclusive lighting ranges, sourced from leading European design houses. From commercial premises to private residences and yachts, their products can make your next project shine.


The evolution of Masiero comes through the introduction of new materials and intriguing forms. New creations take form from woods, methacrylate and Bassano ceramics that flow, burst and dangle with elegance, displaying classic qualities with decorative finishes. Swarovski, Bohemia and Asfour crystals radiate glistening rays of light from highly glamorous chandeliers and pendant lights.

Distinctive stylised design

The Classica, Eclettica and Ottocento collections all have distinctive stylised design to specifically target a particular type of audience. The transformation from geometric shaping to curvaceous and intricate designs whilst also changing between more organic materials, allows Masiero to offer a eclectic range of products that can fit into any interior. Over 30 years of experience of crafting lights with the highest passion and skill, has created a strong and well designed portfolio of lighting items.

Drylight Outdoor Lighting

Masiero has been an ambassador for the art and taste of the most important Venetian glass masters for 30 years. Masiero has recently introduced Drylight, a neautiful range of ornamental outdoor chandeliers, wall lights and lamps with a Venetian feel. Destined for sumptuous residences, gardens, terraces, swimming pools and outdoor areas of villas, restaurants, hotels and trendy clubs.