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Offering beautiful sculptures and artwork at a low price point, Imaginasia give us a glimpse into the hidden world of contemporary Chinese art. A chance to experience an exciting new aesthetic that combines an artistic tradition stretching back thousands of years with the technological innovations of today.In the days of the Ming emperors, Chinese innovations in porcelain created a sensation in the West and today these stunning new creations are making an equally sensational impact in unlocking the mysteries of today’s enigmatic East. With a spiritual significance and depth that the West rarely

Beautiful statement pieces

Imaginasia produces art pieces influenced by culture, nature and the human form, statement artwork and ornaments that beautifully represent oriental heritage and the wonders that Asia has to offer. The strength and poise within each sculptural work coaxes an audience’s gaze into tracing the spiraling shapes and visually elusive patterns of the figurines. Capturing a particular moment in a way that allows you to imagine the story behind the frozen form. A contemporary representation of traditional values and inspirations molds the face of a brand that provides artistic beauty.