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Cravt Original

UBER Interiors are proud to be one of only a handful of UK official resellers of Cravt Original, formerly known as DK Home. Famed for their timeless furniture, lighting and accessories which showcase the Dutch company's love of natural materials. They team craftsmen and women from exotic locations the world over who use ancient skills handed down through generations to create masterpieces in shell, semi-precious stones and egg shell amongst many others.Every accessory, furniture piece and light made has a natural finish derived from materials such as seashell, mother of pearl, stingray, silver leaf, ebony and eggshell. CRAVT Original achieve this by working with enthusiastic artisans in Asia - people with a mastery of age-old techniques who take enormous pride in the products they create. Cravt Original furniture pieces become personal treasures.For a very competitive quote or further information, please call 0845 0773280 to talk to our friendly staff, or email us. And don't forget you can register to apply for trade

Cravt Original have created products designed for happiness. They provide luxury and high quality pieces in which old crafts are reborn in new innovative guises. With traditional skills and values, the company focuses on using natural materials to create interesting objects. Resin from the Thitsi tree is taken through various processes and then applied to products, acting as a glue for added decoration. Materials such as mother of pearl, eggshells and seashells can then be applied to create beautiful patters of unique geometric shape.

Cravt Original Lighting

Selenite chandeliers and lamps adopt intriguing designs and formations from the naturally formed transparent crystal. Selenite stone sticks hang and cascade down from nickel frames, glistening magnificently with an almost feather-like appearance. Table lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps are carved from stone or hand woven with wire to create unique and beautiful lighting.

The best in natural materials

Another beautiful and sought after material used is Stingray skin – also known as shagreen. It holds distinctive properties that have captivated many for centuries. Once the skin has been dried and polished, the new leather can be dyed to a variety of vibrant and exclusive colours. These leathers are then used to create stunning Cravt items.