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Baobab Collection

UBER Interiors are a main UK retailer for luxurious Baobab Collection candles and accessories. Regarded by many as the most exceptional quality candles in the world, Baobab Collection's hand made perfumed candles have been loving made in Belgium since 2002. Their full time perfume team are based in Grasse "the capital of fragrance", on the edge of the Côte d'Azure in the South of France. 

The raw materials are selected with extreme care.The candles scents (in terms of olfactory classification) are rated green, with a base note that has strong cedar sandalwood overtones. They are then layered with individual and exotic tones to give exceptional longevity of aroma. The high quality of mineral and non-oily wax used is the most superior quality and purity available anywhere. It will burn with an oil-like top layer (as only the best candles do) which will leave no trace of wax on the glass and evenly feed the expertly placed fine Egyptian cotton wicks. 

The largest of the 5 sizes, the Maxi Max at 40cms high has seven wicks and weighs almost 10 kilos. It will light up and perfume your evenings for almost a thousand hours.For a very competitive quote or further information, please call 0845 0773280 to talk to our friendly staff, or email us. And don't forget you can register to apply for trade

Exotic Indulgence

Baobab combine cedar sandalwood overtones with individually distinctive exotic fragrances, to give lasting indulgent aromas to luxury candles. The materials and unique fragrances of the candles are closely linked and combined to each tell a different story – selected from a notorious perfumer in Grasse; the temple of perfumery. Tanzania is a country that is known for its richness in vibrant colours and evocative perfumes and is the original birthplace of the Baobab Collection.

All Seasons

Capturing the essence of Tanzania, the All Seasons line consists of ten very special colours and fragrances, which will transport you to this magical place.Lovingly hand made with raw materials in Belgium since 2002, many regard them as some of the most incomparable quality candles in the world. Made out of non-oily wax containing superb mineral attributes, you are certainly guaranteed to acquire a product that is of superior quality and purity. Please contact us for pricing and special offers.


There are a wide range of decorative candles available, with transparent glass vases or in stainless steel holders that come in a variety of sizes and are made to impress. The most breathtaking is the “Maxi-Max”, which is sure to add an extravagant allure and dimension to any space, perfuming its surroundings for up to one thousand hours- only possible due to commitment in the undeniably excellent craftsmanship of the Baobab Collection.