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UBER Interiors are an official supplier for Arketipo, providing unbeatable pricing. Elegant, sophisticated but also functional and cosy, Arketipo began creating superior furniture in the nineteen eighties. Already a regarded textile manufacturing company in Florence, they began to produce a small range of sofas and chairs was introduced which combined luxury quality with attention to detail and a vibrant, long-lasting vision was born.Building on this success with considered and gradual introductions, Arketipo's ranges have been enlarged to dining tables and chairs, beds and bedroom furniture with office desks, coffee tables and side tables. These additions allow you to create complete rooms using Arketipo's furniture.Arketipo's new aim is to become the leaders in Italian luxury furniture for the high-end market. Designs have always focused around deep comfort, however ,their exceptional craftsmanship shows an expert and experienced hand which many peers admire."The result is an easy chic living where culture of furniture, heritage and functionality combine in a refined way."

“Curiosity is in our DNA and this leads us to search for new communication forms, new materials and technologies. Only in this way we can grant an authentic design and quality to customer.” Arketipo

Timeless Design

Arketipo incorporate every aspect of advancement of new materials and technologies into their furniture whilst expressing timeless design. Designs are inspired by many different themes but are all tied together by classic fabrics to create innovative ideas and furniture. Some of our favourites include the Auto Reverse, Windsor and Loft ranges, which use elements such as reversible cushions, Chesterfield sofa buttoning and minimal lines.

Salone del Mobile Milano 2015

Rich and slightly retro, stylistic atmospheres filled Arketipo’s stand at the Salon del Mobile, which oozed with 1920’s design, unique patterned carpets and wallpapers and futuristic lines and shapes. Combining the two opposing moods offers a space of relaxation amongst an elegant environment or an electric party location ready to welcome the eccentric. The soft touch of typical Tuscany is also present throughout with the use of new materials pure linen, vegetable-tanned leathers and glossy chenille fibres.

Fabric and Leather

Arketipo has now enlarged its fabric and leather collection. Collection Pure is 100% linen and translates into a fresh and simplistic look. Collection Taiga combines unique chromatic effects through the use of weaving a diversity of coloured threads, creating a rich dynamic fabric. Finally, Collection Fusion is perfect for those wanting to gain an essence of Tuscan tradition- made from interlaced Panama yarns. Contact us for pricing and information on any Arketipo fabric or leather.